Meet Our Team

Joanne Walker


I recently received my proudest designation to date: That of becoming a mother to the most handsome and brilliant newborn, Manuel.

If I had to choose just one quote from the many that I live by, it is simply this: It's nice to be important but it's far more important to be nice, as, while we create our own happiness we can extend that to those around us.

Takara Ramsay

President Elect

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Joni Eunis

Vice President

I believe in helping others and treating others how I would like to be treated.

Joining Kiwanis provided me with the opportunity to do this.

Otis Tennant

Vice President

I am a very outspoken, ambitious and persistent individual. My life is dedicated to the service and betterment of others.

Being a past member of Circle K, Kiwanis is in my blood. 

Petrona Patten


"I am a very hard-working and dedicated individual who prides myself on providing exceptional support to anyone I am connected with. My passion for service and helping humankind is evident in my daily routine”.

Christa Allen


I am a proud Director and Chairwoman of the Inter Clubbing Committee. I am the mother of a brilliant 5-year-old, I am very ambitious, tenacious and a fun-loving person. My favorite quotes are "Love conquers hate with kindness" & "Limitless......Limits only exist in the mind"...