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Our Team

Tanashay Cheddesingh


I have learnt that leadership is the most difficult role in any organization because everyone expects you to have all the answers all the time.  So I stay true to this mantra: “Work for a cause not applause. Live life to express not to impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed,  just your absence felt”

Petrona Patten

President Elect

"I am a very hard-working and dedicated individual who prides myself on providing exceptional support to anyone I am connected with. My passion for service and helping humankind is evident in my daily routine”.

Otis Tennant

Vice President

I am a very outspoken, ambitious and persistent individual. My life is dedicated to the service and betterment of others. 

Being a past member of Circle K, Kiwanis is in my blood. 

Nasine Green

Secretary/Assistant Treasurer

I am a, very fun loving, outgoing, people person and activist who readily volunteers without looking for rewards. I am a proud Secretary/ Assistance Treasure of Kiwanis Club of Vista Montego Bay. I am looking forward to our club been a distinguished club thus earning me distinguished Secretary.

Kerry-Ann Vernon


I am a mother of 2, very ambitious and fun loving person. My favorite positive quote is "Be the controller of your own happiness and destiny"

Alicea Ellis-Tummings

Assistant Secretary

I am a proud Kiwanian. I am mother to two champion boys and a passionate writer. I strongly believe that we all have a unique purpose and if we live it, the world would have happier people. Thank you.

Althea Spence


I do my best to inspire and motivate those that I come in contact with. I am fair and diligent in all my actions. I love the company of others "a real people person" and believe that this is one of my truest gifts, spending quality time with those I love.

Richard Hill


One of the greatest accomplishments in this world would be that of lifting human hearts. I believe there is no greater way to do so than to look for ways to bless the lives of others through seemingly simple acts of service. I hope to Encourage, lift and strengthen one another as we lose ourselves in unselfish service to others.

Joanne Walker


I recently received my proudest designation to date: That of becoming mother to the most handsome and brilliant newborn, Manuel.

If I had to choose just one quote of the many that I live by, it is simply this: It's nice to be important but it's far more important to be nice, as, while we create our own happiness we can extend that to those around us.

Mathew Chin


I am truly proud to be a member of a Kiwanis club, I am very passionate about volunteering and serving others.  I believe leadership is not about a title or designation. It is about making an impact so the future generations can follow.

Christa Allen


I am a proud Director and Chairwoman of the Inter Clubbing Committee. I am a mother of a brilliant 5 year old, I am very ambitious, tenacious and a fun loving person. My favorite quotes are "Love conquers hate with kindness" & "Limitless......Limits only exist in the mind"....